How To Live Your Life To The Fullest

 How To Live Your Life To The Fullest

So, you want to really live your life to the fullest? What does it mean to live your life to the fullest, how do we do it, where do we start. Many questions we will try to give you some answers and guidance.

Life Is Short. What Will You Do With The Time

It’s been said that our life is comparable to a drop in the bucket. Although this may seem like an exaggeration, it is pretty close to the truth. While you may live to the ripe old age of 100, you could just as easily die tomorrow.

There are no guarantees in this life. Sometimes you don’t always have as much time as you would like. This is why you must live every day like it was your last.

To live a fulfilling life, we must make the most of every minute. What can be done about this? Most people still have to work and support their basic needs. I’m not saying go to work and quit your job tomorrow. Even though you probably wouldn’t go to work if you knew you had only one day to live, this is not a wise move.

Your life actually will be cut short if you don’t have food on the table. However, you can live with the right attitude no matter what you do on a daily basis.


Even if you have the most mundane job on the planet, do that job as you will never do it again. Focus on each task with the concentration that it deserves. Not only will you do your work better, but you will be much more productive. When you are productive, it comes with what is known as a psychic income.

This is that good gut feeling that you get with a job well done. Would you want people to remember you as a clock-puncher that just coasted through life? Of course not! Be remembered as the leader! If you live this way it will not be long before you have what you really want out of life.

It will always work out if you live this way. Promotions will be won. Relationships will be wonderful. It is truly a beautiful way to live. When you leave home in the morning, don’t ever say anything that would not be considered good final words.

Would you want your spouse to remember that the last conversation you had was a fight about money? No way! Always tell the people you love how you feel about them.

In every situation, make the most of the minutes that you have left on this planet. No one knows the hour or the day that they will leave. However, they can control their attitude in any given situation. Make the best of your situation and live like you were dying.

Are you truly living the life you want to live?

Some of the things people most desire to have or to improve in their life are money, a loving relationship, a successful job, great health, a nice house, and a new car. Most people just dream about these things, but never actually obtain them. What people don’t realize is that all of these things can be theirs through the power of manifestation

Manifesting one’s desires is a science. There are laws that govern the process of materializing wishes seemingly out of nothing. Once these laws are complied with, anyone can make their dreams a reality. This may seem very unbelievable to some, but the truth is it’s very real.

The Law of Abundance- Everything you desire begins in your mind and it is the mind that brings these thoughts to life. Your outer state of being is the manifestation of your thought. Therefore, to obtain the things you desire, you have to first set your mind to it.

Vital self-empowerment skills will help you mentally transform a thought into a material manifestation. You will learn how to change your expectations in order to change your life. We live in a Universe of abundance, although most others appear to view it as a Universe of scarcity.

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Thoughts such as others are more talented, more deserving, and more gifted than you only hinder you from living abundantly. If you possess these same thoughts, don’t worry, there is hope for you! You can learn skills to activate self-actualizing power through these Laws to live with wealth, financial freedom, and success.

Abundance does not mean the mere accumulation of material wealth. Happiness, peace of mind, harmony, optimal health, being in loving relationships, and having a strong sense of your True Self are also part of this universal abundance.

This abundance comes into a person’s life only when he facilitates its free flow from him and through him. There are also other ways to increase abundance in your life. Add time to your day, simplify, or make a difference in the world.

For example, volunteer work and meditation are good ways to increase abundance. Be more open-minded and open to new possibilities. Try to only surround yourself with positive influences such as people and things.

Take control of your thoughts and start manifesting your desires today!

Discover Your Life’s Purpose Today!

Do you ever feel stuck?. Perhaps you don’t have the job you want, or the relationship, or the financial situation. You probably know what it is that you don’t want, but have you ever taken the time to figure out what it is that you do want?

Rather than answer with generalities like a job that “pays more” or “is closer to home” or “to find your soulmate” or “to be rich”, think about being as specific as possible. What does your ideal life look like? What would you need in your life for it to be more fulfilling and meaningful?

To put it in a slightly different light, if you win the lottery tomorrow and suddenly, you’re a multimillionaire, what will you do with the rest of your life? Will you continue working at your job?

Will you spend more time with your family or travel the world? Will you start your own business or spend more time with your hobbies? Take some time to dream about the possibilities. Then, take out a piece of paper and write down your dream in vivid detail.

Now, take a few moments to write down a list of the things that are most important to you in your life. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What things are most important in your life? These are the things you are willing to devote time and energy to each day.

They can be things like:

* Family
* Friends
* Faith/ Spirituality
* Personal growth
* Being healthy
* Being fit and in shape
* Having your finances in order
* Work/life balance
* Maintaining a loving relationship with your significant other
* Being happy at work
* Being organized and using time wisely
* Participating in the hobbies you enjoy
* Making a difference in the world

Setting priorities is important because we often have so much going on in our lives at once that we lose track of who we are and what we want out of life. We end up putting out one fire only to be confronted with yet another that takes its place. With so many things on our plate at once, it’s easy to neglect ourselves, our friends, and our family.

When you are finished writing your list, take a few moments to prioritize them on a scale starting with “1” as the most important.

Finally, take a few moments to think about these questions:

* What am I most passionate about?
* What would inspire me to get out of bed at 5 AM on a Saturday morning?
* What haven’t I experienced yet that I’ve always wanted to?
* What haven’t I given yet that I’ve always wanted to?
* What haven’t I learned yet that I’ve always wanted to?
* What part of me haven’t I healed yet that I still need to?
* Am I doing now what I really want to do?
* If not, do I even know what I’d really like to do?
* What can I do to serve others?

Write down the answers on your paper. These should be your honest answers – not what you should do or that others expect you to do.

Once you’ve done this exercise, combine all your answers into a life’s purpose or mission statement. Your purpose statement will answer the question “Why am I here? What is my true calling in life?” You get to define yours, so what do you want to do with your life?

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Go back to your piece of paper and write “My purpose in life is…” Then, just write. Spend some time reflecting on your dreams, priorities, and the questions listed above.

Next, think of the ways you can use your passions and dreams to serve the world. Write down the following statement, “I will make the world a better place by…” and your answers.

Get all of your ideas down on paper. This will probably take you at least 10 minutes – though it could take hours. Write until you feel you have some clarity about your life. Then, go back and read the content. Is it powerful for you? Is it a wake-up call? If not, keep writing until you find something that’s profound for you.

When you do define your life’s purpose, it will be an emotional experience. You will look at what you wrote and have one of those mind-blowing “why didn’t I think of that before?” revelations. Even if your statements aren’t very impressive to others, what matters is that you find them 100% accurate and relevant – and they have emotional significance to you.

Learn To Live A Powerful Life

“Logical thinking is the worst kind of thinking. Rational thinking is limited. You need exactly the kind of thoughts that does not look at the rational obvious. You need to think with a vision that sees the obvious without logical limitations or restrictions.”


In ages past, we accepted that life was full of hardships. They grappled with huge animals in a desperate bid to kill them for food. The odds were simple; either succeed or starve, kill or be killed.

As civilizations discovered fire and then electricity and gas to keep warm, bought food from markets, and built houses of stone, people became less willing to deal with any unexpected events that threatened to turn their predicted life upside down.

Our minds drive us to achieve exactly what we believe we’re capable of achieving. This is good news because once we understand this and master the art of controlled thinking, then we can guide our destinies towards success.

Many people talk or write about the science of success or the art of creating wealth. You don’t want just the science. You don’t want just the art. What you want is the technology.

The how to.

Manifestation is not a mystery. It is a process. All processes can be analyzed, taken apart, step-by-step, and then, once understood, can be applied scientifically to produce the desired results. There is a technique for manifesting anything, including wealth.

Your imagination, your thoughts, what you perceive, what you don’t perceive, what you see and what you miss, how you act, what you feel… these are all determined by one thing: your programming, what you repetitively tell yourself (and what you repetitively got told or observed during your youthful formation years).

The programming stored in the human mind. It goes even further than that. Your subconscious mind controls almost everything about you.

For example, it controls your autonomic nervous system. What is that? Here is what the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia says: “Autonomic Nervous System, in vertebrate anatomy, one of the two main divisions of the nervous system, supplying impulses to the body’s heart muscles, smooth muscles, and glands.

The power to create or manifest wealth comes from applying the knowledge of the process of creation. The knowledge of the critical elements in a process does not create the process. It is the proper and purposeful use or application of the elements that produce the results.


If you need to break the bonds of ‘I’m certain to fail this time too’ slavery:

1. Hold positive inner talk with yourself.
2. Surround yourself with positive people, mindful people.
3. Think and feel ‘I’m going to succeed’ in all I ever do.
4. Think and feel ‘I’m a winner in all I ever do’.

This is where a person starts. This is also the only person you will have to convince – yourself. Other people are automatically convinced you’re great and successful after you have convinced yourself. It takes some work, and work again to clear the mind and point to where you desire to go.

Create a good day & live your life to the fullest!