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Here you will be presented tools & tips on how to become better mentally, physically, and not least, shapen your mindset so you can improve in every area of life.

I also really want you to improve yourself and experience the feeling it is to really take care of yourself. I want you to succeed, and follow your passion, and get excited about life as I do.

So where should you begin? I get it, that people are different so this website will be filled with a variety of topics and present multiple approaches to success and for you to become the best you!

Put An End To Bad Habits With These 4 Simple Methods

Most people have some bad habits that they are not happy about and certainly not proud of. If you are in this situation then you can take comfort from the fact that many other people are facing the same dilemma. All of your habits are ingrained deeply in your subconscious mind and if they have been there for a while then stopping them is going to be incredibly tough for you. They happen on autopilot and most of the time we do not even know what triggers them. So here we will bring you 4 simple methods that will help you to break your bad habits right away. We strongly encourage you to use these methods as you are going to need all of the help you can get to break your bad habits.


1. What Bad Habit do you want to break?

You need to be aware of the bad habit that you need to break. It doesn’t matter if the habit is smoking, eating junk food, cursing, procrastination, or any other bad habit you must be specific about it when you are trying to break it.

Don’t overlook this step and think that it is too simplistic. You must be specific about the habit you wish to break if you want to be successful. Put a label on your bad habit because this will focus your attention more on getting rid of this undesirable behavior.


2. Identify the Rewards that the Habit provides

Al bad habits have rewards. If you drink too much then you will get a reward from this. Maybe drinking provides you with a much-needed escape from the pressures of life? The same goes for smoking. Each time you smoke a cigarette it makes you relax and alleviates your stress. 

The trouble is with these rewards is that they are temporary. They do not last very long so there is a tendency to crave the reward over and over again. Most people experience regret their bad habits and this will make them feel stressed and make them want to turn to the habit more and more.

3. Know what Triggers your Bad Habit

All bad habits have triggers and you need to identify what these are. Sometimes there will be one thing that consistently triggers a bad habit but often there are several triggers. So take some time out to identify what these triggers are so that you know when and why they happen.


So for example, if you are spending too many evenings in the bar drinking alcohol think about what triggers this. Is it a result of having a stressful day at work or is it because you crave the companionship of others that frequent the bar? This will make you more self-aware so that you can replace the bad behavior with something else.


4. Develop your Mindfulness

Make a commitment to indulge in mindfulness. When you do this you can approach breaking your bad habit as a great journey in your life. You are your worst critic and a change in your attitude to mindfulness will provide you with a greater chance of breaking your bad habit.


These four methods will help you to break your bad habits. Always be aware that the journey is not going to be easy and it will take a strong resolve to truly break a bad habit. Embrace these methods and free yourself from your bad habits forever.



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